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Stakeholder: Increased Readability Rulemaking
Date: 08/16/2012
Time: 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
Title: Stakeholder: Increased Readability Rulemaking
Location: Glenwood Springs

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is planning on performing a Colorado specific rulemaking scheduled to end August 2013. The objective of the rulemaking is to reorganize, simplify, and clarify the existing Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations (CPDWR). This rulemaking will not add any new requirements for public water systems; its sole purpose is to make the current CPDWR easier to understand.

This rulemaking will begin officially with three stakeholder meetings held across Colorado at the same times and locations as the stakeholder meetings for the updating of the Design Criteria for Potable Water Systems. At these meetings we will introduce the concepts of the rulemaking with opportunities to comment on specific language coming later in the year. The agenda for the stakeholder meetings is as follows:


  • Colorado rulemaking-reorganizing and adding clarity to the CPDWR:
    • Describe how the CPDWR will be reorganized
    • Describe techniques to increase clarity


To register contact Great Events & Teams at


For those unable to attend in person, web meeting and conference call access will be available.