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Albert Trevino

Case Details

Case Type: Homicide

Height: Unknown

Case Status: OPEN

Weight: Unknown


Identifying Marks:

Incident Date: 04/05/1972


Agency: Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

City: Centennial

Date of Birth: 04/02/1946

County: Arapahoe

Date of Death: 04/05/1972

Agency Case #: 72-5257

Age: 26

Judicial District: 18th Judicial District

Gender: Male

Year Solved:

Race: Caucasian

NamUs Case #: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

NCMEC Case #: Unknown

Hair: Black

About this Case:

A married father of six, Albert Trevino had just settled on a worker's compensation claim from injuries sustained working as a pipefitter and he kept this substantial amount of case with him while waiting for a car purchase deal to be approved. Trevino rented an automobile for the evening and proceeded to visit a series of bars along the East Colfax corridor. Among the establishments Trevino patronized that April night, witnesses at each observed him carelessly flashing a large sum of money around. Somewhere along the line that evening, the wrong person took notice. Around 12:30 A.M. on April 5, 1972, Trevino entered the Newport Lounge on East Colfax. Once again, Albert flashed his money, loudly hailing anyone who would listen. This time, the bar owner watched closely as Trevino sat next to a customer well known in the Newport Lounge. A "regular customer" with an extensive criminal history, a violent nature who earlier that evening had brutally beaten and threaten with a gun a man who dared confront him about a debt he owed. Admonishing Albert to lower his voice, the owner observed his "regular customer" paying very careful attention to Trevino's actions. A half hour later, the "regular customer" left the bar, followed only a few minutes later by an intoxicated Trevino. The owner watched Trevino's car drive away, but did not observe where his "regular customer" disappeared to, or if Trevino drove away alone. Early in the morning of April 5, 1972, a school bus driver discovered the body of Albert Trevino lying on a county road, shot to death. Albert's wallet was also found, with all his paperwork intact, but missing all the cash. His rented car was later discovered parked at Stapleton Airport. Investigators later learned the Newport Lounge's "regular customer" had phoned his wife very early in the morning on April 5, 1972 ordering her to pick him up at Stapleton Airport. Even stranger to her was the $100 cash he gave her with no explanation, and a fishing trip he took just a few days later, when she knew they were behind on their rent. A short time later, this "regular customer" and his close associates were arrested for burglaries they committed in Grand County, Colorado, while the family of Albert Trevino was left with their grief and unanswered questions. Anyone with information regarding this case, is asked to please contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.

If you have any information about this case, please contact:

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office



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