Interactive Driving Records Interactive Driving Records

Important Note: In order to use this service, your company must register with and be approved by If you are not registered please complete the registered user agreement.

Searching for a Driving Record

  1. Please select the “I would like to search for a driving record” link. This will take you to the Attestation Agreement.

  2. If you have read the attestation statement and feel you are able to comply, please select the “Agree” button. Upon making the selection the “Record Usage Type” page will be displayed.

NOTE: You must select “Agree” to continue through the application. If you select “Do Not Agree”, you will be returned to the applications Main Menu.

  1. Please select the appropriate “Usage Type” and select “Continue”. The “Enter Record” page will be displayed.

  2. The user MUST enter a driver’ license number in the first field.
  3. The user has the option of entering either driver’s date of birth or the driver’s current last name. The user MUST enter information into one of these two fields.

Note: The entry of a previous last name will not return a record. If you do not know the current last name, please enter a date of birth.
Upon entry and submission of the required information, a page explaining the fee assessed for the transaction will be displayed.

  1. If you have read the fee explanation statement and feel you are able to agree, please select the “Agree” button. Upon making the selection the “Query and Billing Disclosure” page will be displayed.

  2. This page displays the user’s account information, exact fee, and the individual’s user name associate with the account.  If all of the information is accurate, please select the “Agree” button. Upon selection of the “Agree” button the user will be directed to a printable page that displays the user’s receipt, and provides a link to view the requested driving record.
  3. This page will allow the user to print his requested record by selecting the “You may now view and print your driver history record.” This record will open in a new window.

Additionally, the user may select:

  1. “Back to Home” and be returned to the home page.

  2. “Back to Start” and be returned to the utility’s start menu, where the user may process another request.

Viewing My Previous Searches

  1. Please select the “View My Previous Searches” link. This will take you to a page displaying a list of all searches you performed within the last thirty days. If you have not searched for any records within the last 30 days, no records will appear.

  2. If you are able to see a list of previous searches, select the link of the search you would like to review. The record will display exactly as it was displayed at the time of the previous search.

Note: A record will not display any events that have caused changes to that record after the record was initially pulled. The user will see the record exactly as it was delivered previously.

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