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All questions regarding the use of the TOP system should be emailed to the following Please enter "Support Request" as the first two words in the subject line of your submission. Include the following items in your submission:

Your Name,
Email address,
Telephone number, and
A description of your question in the request. The description of your question must include:

The report type (for example, Revenue, Expenditure by Department, Expenditure by Code, Expenditure by Vendor, etc.),
The drill down path you followed, and if possible,
A screen print of the results about which you are inquiring.

The Office of the State Controller will provide answers to questions regarding use of the system and general data questions.  Questions regarding agency specific information will be directed to the state agency that is cited in the inquiry and you will be informed of that redirect.  Follow-up on the redirected request will go to you directly from the state agency.  If you do not receive a response from the state agency involved within five days, please resubmit your request.

Please note that no funds were provided by the Legislature to build, maintain, or support the TOP system.  As a result, the State Controller cannot guarantee a specific level of service.  The Office of the State Controller will do everything possible within the available resources to ensure you receive a prompt response to your inquiry;  however furloughs and layoffs have significantly reduced available resources.

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This site contains data for Fiscal Year 2015 to present.  For data from Fiscal Year 2009 - 2014, Please go to the archive transparency site:


Please note that the data contained on this website is raw, unaudited, and unconsolidated data and therefore will not tie out to any audited or printed financial statements. Also, this website does not contain information that is considered private or protected by state or federal law.
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