Profile - CHR.0004825
Profile - CHR.0004825
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Malpractice Claims Disclaimer: Some studies have shown that there is no significant correlation between malpractice history and a healthcare professional's competence. At the same time, consumers should have access to malpractice information. To make the best healthcare decisions, you should view this information in perspective. You could miss an opportunity for high quality care by selecting a healthcare professional based solely on malpractice history. When considering malpractice data, please keep in mind: Malpractice histories tend to vary by profession and by specialty. Some professions or specialties are more likely than others to be the subject of litigation. You should take into account how long the healthcare professional has been in practice when considering malpractice averages. The incident causing the malpractice claim may have happened years before a payment is finally made. Sometimes, it takes a long time for a malpractice lawsuit to move through the legal system. Some healthcare professionals work primarily with high-risk patients. These healthcare professionals may have malpractice histories that are higher than average because they specialize in cases or patients who are at very high risk for problems. Settlement of a claim may occur for a variety of reasons that do not necessarily reflect negatively on the professional competence or conduct of the healthcare professional. A payment in settlement of a malpractice action or claim should not be construed as creating a presumption that malpractice has occurred. You may wish to discuss information provided, and malpractice generally, with your healthcare professional.

Name Gil Paul Kentof
Credential CHR.0004825

Healthcare Profile - Chiropractor Introduction

Healthcare Professions Profile | Introduction

Please be aware that this profile is only for your CHIROPRACTOR license. Do not provide information for other license types you hold on this profile. You will be required to complete a profile for every license you hold that is included in the profiling requirement.

All information provided in this profile must be updated within 30 days of any change of information unless your profession's statute says otherwise, or unless the question specifies otherwise.

Healthcare Profile - Location of Practice

Healthcare Professions Profile | Location of Practice

1.  Are you currently practicing in the healthcare profession associated with this profile?


Healthcare Profile - Location of Practice if Yes

Healthcare Professions Profile | Location of Practice

2.  Practice Locations:

Address  City  State  Zip Code  Phone Number 
209 S royal Oaks Blvd suite 222
(615) 794-0800

Healthcare Profile - Chiropractor Education and Training

Healthcare Professions Profile | Education and Training

3.  School or Education Level:

Life University

Healthcare Profile - Other Licenses

Healthcare Professions Profile | Other Licenses

4.  Have you ever held, or do you currently hold any other licenses in this profession from any other state, country or province?


Healthcare Profile - Other Licenses if Yes

Healthcare Professions Profile | Other Licenses

5.  Other Licenses:

State  License Status  Year Originally Issued 

Healthcare Profile - Practice Specialties

Healthcare Professions Profile | Practice Specialties

6.  Do you have a practice specialty in which you are appropriately trained and actively practicing?


Healthcare Profile - Business Ownership

Healthcare Professions Profile | Business Ownership

8.  Do you have a current business ownership interest in any healthcare-related business?


Healthcare Profile - Employer

Healthcare Professions Profile | Employer

10.  Do you have an employer in the profession in which you are licensed or are applying for a license?


Healthcare Profile - Employment Contracts

Healthcare Professions Profile | Employment Contracts

12.  Do you have a contract with any business whose mission relates to healthcare services or products where the value is greater than $5000 annually?


Healthcare Profile - Disciplinary Actions

Healthcare Professions Profile | Disciplinary Actions

14.  Have you ever had public disciplinary action taken against your license by any board or licensing agency in any state or country?


Healthcare Profile - Restrictions and Suspensions

Healthcare Professions Profile | Restrictions and Suspensions

16.  Have you ever entered into any agreement or stipulation to temporarily cease your practice or had a board order issued restricting or suspending your license?


Healthcare Profile - Termination of Employment

Healthcare Professions Profile | Termination of Employment

18.  Have you ever been terminated by an employer for a reason that would be considered a violation of your profession's practice law?


Healthcare Profile - Convictions

Healthcare Professions Profile | Convictions

20.  Since you were issued a license to practice your profession in any state or country, have you had any final criminal conviction(s) or plea arrangement(s) resulting from the commission or alleged commission of a felony or crime of moral turpitude in any jurisdiction?


Healthcare Profile - Malpractice Claims

Healthcare Professions Profile | Malpractice Claims

22.  Since September 1, 1990, have you had any final judgment, entered into a settlement, or paid an arbitration award for malpractice?


Healthcare Profile - Malpractice Carrier Refusal

Healthcare Professions Profile | Malpractice Carrier Refusal

24.  Have you been denied liability insurance, or has your liability insurance coverage been limited, restricted or terminated by the insurance carrier?


Healthcare Profile - Optional Narrative

Healthcare Professions Profile | Optional Narrative

26.  Optional Narrative:

numerous charitable donations over past 29 years through organized special days in the office to contribute to the needy in our community and surrounding areas. We raised over $ 10,000 in items needed such as food , clothing , paper towels,plates etc.

Healthcare Profile - Attestation

Healthcare Professions Profile | Attestation

By submitting this Healthcare Professions Profile to the Division of Professions and Occupations you are attesting that:
  • I am the person identified in this profile; or
  • You are authorized to submit information on behalf of the person identified in this profile; and
  • The information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
27.  Submission Date:

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